Monday, August 18, 2008

One must work...

very hard sometimes to get what is due them... I had my court date in smalls claims court. I did elect to sue my former client who skipped out and did not pay me. She failed to show up and well so did the magistrate. I guess he had bigger fish to fry - but I get my default judgment! Well half of it. The clerk of courts did not process the mail correctly so I will have to go back to get my judgment against the editor personally. Yipee. Either way I am not sure I have enough info about her or her banking to actually collect - but I will have the judgment - so it gives me some options.

Some random observations:

* getting the judgment does not actually get me anything. It gets me a piece of paper that I can take to the 3rd floor clerks office to get yet more paper - that I have to fill out and pay to have served or mailed or looked at. Then maybe I will get someone's attention. What I get is more work and still no pay!

* I was way way over dressed for my court appearance. I thought it was something serious - so I dressed in a nice summer black pants suit, a lovely tuxedo red blouse. - and for those interested in my shoes - I wore black platform sandals - they did not exactly match the outfit and I have some better shoes for the outfit - but they make me feel fierce and well I wanted put my best foot forward - not that it mattered! No one but me really showed up for today's little party. Next time maybe I will go for the gangsta chic that seemed to be the dress code of the day today. Maybe low hanging jean shorts and boxer brief peak a boos! Or wait - the white tub top minus a bra and a skirt so short as to show off the young ladies who-haw!

There was a time when one dressed up for events such as this! It is a matter of respect and well self respect I would humbly submit!

* When I arrived in the waiting area - there were at three dozen people there. Then at 12:45 pm - a woman called out that any one there to get their driving privileges reinstated - to follow her - everyone but me got up and followed her. May I say never in my life have I longed for more public transit options. Seriously 3 dozen people... some of whom I can see why driving might not be such a good idea.

At a minimum it highlights the need for more drivers ed and more frequent refresher courses I think. H has to do flight training every 6 months and there is way less traffic in the air than on our streets and freeways.

* I will go to court again and see this thru becasue it is the right thing to do. She owes me money for work I did and I cannot believe that the court screwed it up - by not following their own protocols - but I will carry on - I might get lucky and get my money before my kids go to college.

I need to try and do some more investigation to find out more about her... I am just not sure how. The phone number I have is dead. The email is dead and well her business filings with the State leave a bit to be desired.

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Cyn said...

Hi! Maybe you should check out Judge Mathis. I just love him. Maybe they have a PI who can track down this chick.