Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Five Gold Rings

I like gold. I like rings. I could be down with this one. This is the first practical gift the song has the  true love giving his beloved. Gold has monetary value, at the moment investment value, although between you and me the price at the moment is on the high side, and gold has decorative value.

Instead of gold rings, I want to talk about CORE values, the values that define you as a person. I think these are very important. Having clearly defined CORE values will mean that you have a compass of sorts to guide you.

I will admit, I sometimes watch The Millionaire Matchmaker. I rarely can make it all the way through an episode, but in the bits and pieces I have caught, Patti often asks the bachelors or bachelorettes to come up with a list of  five non-negotiables. What are the five qualities the person you want to date must possess. I have no opinion as to whether this is prudent dating advice or not, but it did get me thinking.

I think we should all have such a list - but about OURSELVES and our lives.

I think we should all have a list which reflects the 5 guiding principals in our lives. I dislike the phrase "moral compass" but that is what I am suggesting. I think it would be time well spent, for all of us to devote some time and energy into developing our list of 5 non-negotiables. What are our five golden rings, points of lights, whatever you choose to call to them.

At the New Year, I think many people take a few moments and assess the previous year and look towards the new one. This year, perhaps taking a few moments to think about what are your non-negotiables, be they in love, with your family, your career, or all of the above. What can't you do with out, what are the things that define you.

I humbly submit that most of the social and political problems we have today are rooted in a lack of leadership and a lack of convictions. I suspect very few people have a list of 5 non-negotiable.

It might be the best and most rewarding gift you give yourself.

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