Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Seven Swans a Swimming

Anyone who has watched Wild Kingdom knows that nature is both wild, beautiful and dangerous. Swans are not just beautiful, majestic swimmers. I know this for certain.

We have been zoo members since L was a baby. We live near the zoo and love to go. When L was little we would go and treat the zoo like a park, just go for a bit to enjoy a short walk. One day L and I went and decided to loop through North America. We stopped by the swans for a snack. L was munching crackers and watching the swans and the ducks. She really liked ducks as a toddler.

Apparently one of the mallard ducks offended one of the swans because he/she charged over to the duck, picked the duck up by the neck with his/her beak and proceeded to viciously shake the duck back and forth and then with great force slam the duck repeatedly into the the dirt and rocks at the edge of pond.

L was watching and then yelling, "No, no, no... stop that big duck."

As the water fowl assault intensified, I quickly hurried L back into the stroller and took off. In part not wanting to see what happened after the swan tired of the duck slam and a tiny bit worried the swan might charge L and try to give her the offensive duck treatment.

I knew swans could be territorial and aggressive. The ones at the pond I liked to study near in college could get mouthy and mean. Charging the picnic tables and just generally putting up a fuss. Sometimes biting and pecking at your shoes. H would say they were "fresh."

This swan however, she/he was obviously trying out for swan version of the WWE Au natureal version or something similar. Even today, I tend to walk quickly past those swans at the zoo. They scare me more than the big polar bears.

So honestly, I am not sure I want seven swans doing anything near me, at all, ever. My true love can keep them... at his house.

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