Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Six Geese a Laying

I know I am a day late. I have been celebrating. A very special Birthday and with the ladies in my book club.

Not just laying about, eating bon bons and watching television.

So I will say this, taking time for myself seems like such an indulgence. I used to think that I might never get any time for me. I think mothers of young children often feel this way. I remember a time when I thought, I might never get to shower or use the toilet alone ever again. E was my little shadow. It is better now, but it has taken time, lots of it.

So if you are struggling with some last minute gift ideas. Consider offering a helping hand. If someone on your list is the mother of school age or younger kiddos, consider a gift card for a massage and the offer to babysit while she goes. This goes for dads too, or young couples with kids. Sometimes the best gift you can give them is a chance to get out minus their wee ones.

Down time is precious. Priceless really.

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