Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday - Dave Koz, Eight Candles

In years past, H and I have made it to Dave Koz and Friends Smooth Jazz Christmas special. The first time we went, I was pregnant with E. A few years ago we went, it was very chilly that night.

This year we couldn't make it, as H would be overnighting in Denver Saturday night, a destination it is near impossible to fly home and back  in a 24 hour period. Had he been in New York or DC, I suspect we would have made it again this year.

Friday night we went to the Columbus Symphony's Holiday Pops and had a wonderful time. It wasn't Dave Coz and it wasn't my favorite way to experience the songs of the season (not that I am a huge fan of the songs of the season anyway) but it is always a joy to experience artists, creative people, using their talents and gifts and obviously having a wonderful time. There truly was something for everyone last night and it was so worth it. Also it was at the Ohio Theater, which isn't shabby.

As I sat there, listening to some very old carols, I could not help but think that fashionably dressed women and men, for centuries have been experiencing, embracing and more importantly supporting the performing arts. Chamber music, orchestras, quartets, choirs, singers and dancers. Before television and the motion pictures, peoples entertainment monies went to live performances. Be they in a private home, well ok a palace or manor house or in a theater.

L is a working dancer at 9. Her Youth Company makes money for their studio through three annual productions per year. Is it alot of money, not really, but the girls get a taste of performance for money.

I also think that it is important to support the local arts scene. It is valuable. Some of these musical traditions have been handed down through the ages and some like Dave Koz's Eight Candles are a modern interpretation. It all has value. It is all important to our collective experience.

Just as preserving our historical theaters has value. There is history in those stage floors and the plush velvet chairs. The walls have absorbed millions of notes.

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