Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Two turle doves

These little guys - or likely a guy and a gal are turtle doves, best I can tell. Doves are traditionally a symbol of peace. The dove sees its origins as a symbol of peace in ancient Christianity (although one has to wonder when a dove was often a sacrificial bird. Which I think serves to muddy the waters just a tad.)

My mother wanted this song played at her funeral. I think more than anything, we need to live this every day. We could end so much if we tried to imagine every day to be just like Christmas day. Think before you say something mean. Approaching life's problems with not only wanton self interest but with compassion, empathy and love.

I had planned and partially wrote a very angry post for today and then I stopped. We are surrounded by hate, mean spiritness and countless examples of people (businesses) putting wanton self interest above the good of humanity.

This past week I have watch my neighbors bicker and be passive aggressive (if not aggressive) with each other on our neighborhood google group, mildly entertaining, but it is a symptom of the over all problems facing our culture today. The art of being nice has been lost.

So in a season of "good cheer" I suggest that perhaps we should practice the art of kindness year round and not just as Christmas.

Good tiding of peace... Two turtle doves.

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