Saturday, February 2, 2008

Glitter is Great

Well it is actually. I have some new glitter and I am so pleased. I have done something I have always wanted to do and I am making a statement. I am showing my inner creativity and inner wild child these days - on my nose! I have a little blue sparkle on my nose! I love it. It is me - it is a sign of my creativity and I have wanted to do this for years - but the former JOB - well they frowned upon such self expression.

H and I went to Pierceolgy last weekend. It did not hurt at all - not even a little bit. It is healing like a dream - I am soaking my nose in salt water - yeah that is a challenge but fun! The stone brings out my eyes. L loves my glitter. She points it out to people. E is not so sure he down with it. My mom just rolled her eyes and my bro said I had lost my mind. It matters not to me. I love it!

Now lest you all think I am crazy - I should say that I have more glitter and it is not just in my ears!

This spring, whilst in New York - I went with my friend SS and got my navel pierced. It was to celebrate being at pre-pregnancy weight minus 5 pounds. For those keeping track - I am 10 pounds lighter now verse then. (I love running!) I wanted something to remind me of the hard work I had done getting to that milestone and something to keep me focused on staying on track.

Now I should say - I am terrified of needles! Big time - to the tune of opted to have babies the old fashion way terrified - cuz that epidural needle is seriously huge.

The piercer in New York (we went to LeRoi in the East Village) actually I think nearly busted a gut trying to laugh when SS told me - well this should be nothing compared to birthing babies... It was not. It is did not hurt a bit and I never really saw the needle. I had my eyes closed. Same for with my nose. Actually - they ask you to close your eyes.

I have said I am done for now! I mean I am not trying to collect sparkles. Each of these piercings means a great deal to me. One was to celebrate where I had been - to mark a place in my journey and the other is more of a reminder of where I am going. I wanted an outward sign of what I am feeling inside - I wanted something to make people stop and think before they judge me - or a sign that I have an edge - an edge I am very proud of - an edge I am embracing more and more everyday. Something that makes me unique. I am not nor will I ever be a soccer mom. I am a creative force - I am on a path I have chosen for myself, I live everyday as if it were my last. I am happy and proud of my accomplishments and I have places yet to go!

It is about reaching for the stars and living the life you were meant to live.

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IHateToast said...

i think all piercing people are better than the droids who used to do ears. i had mine repierced but went to a piercing place. the needle was so much better than the gun. healed easy. that gun is not right.

love your new glitter. mark and his ex got their belly buttons pierced to mark their divorce. obviously amicable. and i have an engagement tat (tramp stamp). it's my body, my business. same for you.

how does a bit of glitter on the nose make you a poor worker? give me a break.