Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is winter over yet....

So that rodent - the weather teller extraordinarie so did not see his shadow - so we are supposed to be done with winter - but that is so not the case here. I have had it with snow, sleet, rain and icy pelty stuff.

On and off since the 2nd of February - we have had some kind of weirdo winter precipitation. I have shoveled a few times and walked on ice more than once. Fallen a few times and cursed it a bunch.

On Monday evening I got caught out in it and it made for a wonderful and totally nerve racking commute. I saw trucks jack knifing in the most amazing ways and expensive SUVs - nose up and nose down in various ditches. Sorry folks but even 4 wheel drive is not enough to keep you on the road in ice! Slamming on the brakes is a bad idea as is speeding.

That visual spectacle aside - I am done with winter - I am ready for spring. I would like to once again ride my bike, be able to walk or run outside, and play in the back yard. I am not a fan of cold and snowy and I more than ready to break out the sun screen and my big floppy hate.

I know we have less winter than many other places - but I for one could do with no winter! So Spring - hurry up and get here already!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sus!
Must be the week for it... H colored her teeth with orange marker while I was showering.

Susan said...

So true - they get the greatest ideas - do they not!