Sunday, February 17, 2008

Literal translation

E is a very literal fellow. L is more of a concept person. I forget this at my own risk.

Last weekend I told E to put on his winter coat. So he stripped down to his underwear and put on his winter coat. Um - well not exactly what I had in mind.

Yesterday, I told him after breakfast to go and wash his face and hands. I followed him into the bathroom a few seconds later and he was sticking his head - well mostly his face into the sink under the running water. I asked him what he was doing?

His reply - "I wash my face. I was my hands."

And he sticks his hands under the running water. I tried not to laugh - because sure that is logical - you stick you hands under running water to wash them - then it must also work on your face.

I wet a wash cloth and showed him what I had had in mind and scrubbed him free of snot and maple syrup.

Going forward I am going to have to be more clear - for my literal translator!

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Anonymous said...

ha! my nephew used to get so upset by us.
and it's worth all that anger? he also lost it when his cousins referred to what he was having as pasta. "IT'S SPAGHETTI!" same thing. went to ask his gma and was sulking when he learned that they were right.

he's cooler now, but those were not good times. he was literal, but also stubborn about it. i like E's take on it better.