Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's watching you?

Well I might be. I tend to be always observing. I thought that everyone did this. People watching in my book should be an Olympic Event. I could watch people all day. I also tend to remember the things I have seen for a long time - ok maybe forever - or at the very least while they keep moving around my brain, holding my interest on any number of levels.

I like thinking about what I see happening around me - I want to understand. I think this may be why I like to write so much - and certainly fiction. it allows me to put these tidbits to good use.

I have said it before and I will remind you all again. Writers - I think are like little sponges - they soak up the details of life and file them away, until the details become important. Any time a writer says that they were not inspired from real life events, I am motivated to disagree - because unless they are in a bubble or living under a rock - everything is inspired - maybe not by one single event - but a collection of events - certainly they can be unrelated but they are linked - if only in the writers mind. That is inspiration.

My mental pen and pencil are always jotting down notes. I cannot control it - my eyes see and my mind records and sometimes just sometimes - I get the very best pictures.

Someone asked me recently how I would like it if someone watched me and then decided to write about what I was doing or was doing in a certain moment of time. I was shocked - I assume someone is watching me - I mean the observer may not even know they are doing it or they maybe very well be doing it subconsciously - but I guess I just thought that was how the public sphere operated. Now I am not so sure. But I am sure about this - I am very intrigued by the world around me!

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