Friday, February 15, 2008

It is all about the Economy - Really it is!

The Big News on Capital Hill this week? The economy is in the tank. No Way? Really? Is that why I am paying $3 for gas and nearly that much for milk. Is that why I am buying the same amount of food at the grocery and paying roughly 20% more than I did this time last year. Is that why there is a spike in home foreclosures? Is that why the stock market is in the tank.

Um yeah!

It is all about the economy. The economy has been in trouble for a long while - if you have been paying attention. The market has been choppy since I was pregnant with E. The market, in my opinion, either lags or leads. In this case the ripples have been there for a long time. Some of those ripples are media creations. The over hype and the overselling of small pieces of economic information.

The government however - always seems to be 2 steps behind. Just now the Fed is coming out to say that "Yeah - it is looking more grim by the day. We will cut rates to stimulate." Congress and Bush are cooking up some rebate.

Hind sight is 20/20 - but had Congress and Bush been focused on real policy and domestic issues - some of this perhaps could have been avoided.

The government should be focused on the economy every day and not just when it is a hot button issue.

Those of us living it - have seen the subtle changes in our paychecks and grocery bills - why has it taken the powers that be so long to put two and two together?


Anonymous said...

aaah, they finally heard the cries of the little people.

Susan said...

In theory - In theory or they heard that the economy might make for a meaningful sound bit.

Either way they are a day late and a dollar short!