Thursday, February 21, 2008

Markers as face paint

I know I am spending too much time talking about mommie stuff but this is more of a public service announcement. E got into L's stash of markers - not the washable kind.

E drew a wonderful rendition of a cat face all over his face - colored his nose, his chin and his chest - wrote on his tummy and his legs. Dark blue - just wonderful!

I told him markers are only for paper. Which he agreed as a good idea. He liked his art work less and less as the afternoon wore on.

Soap did not really do the trick - but Mary Kay oil free eye make up remover did a respectable job on removing the bulk of the marker and some warm water seemed to do the trick after that.

So - as cabin fever takes over - rest assured - there is a way to remove the seemingly unremovable - thank goodness it was not a Sharpie!


Cyn said...

Yikes. I have no markers in my house that are not washable for just that reason. Of course once they got ahold of a highlighter. Oh, and talk about cabin fever, Charlie has been sick since Tues. We literally can't leave the house.

Susan said...

yes well L is into her art supplies and up until then - it had not been a real issue. But he is all spit spot now!