Saturday, February 2, 2008

It is awful....

Yesterday it was supposed to snow and be horrible. Well it did not and yesterday morning was in the low 40s and sunny and it was a winter day that makes me happy. It is bearable. Fast forward to 3:30 pm and we were off to get L from school. Big snowflakes falling and a bitter wind and at least a 10 degree temperature drop. As E and I walked from the car to the school - E is crying - we are walking into the wind. I scoop him up and cuddle him close and his little face is red and there are big tears in his eyes and he says, "Mommie, It is awful."

And it really was.

But it made me smile...his expression and his honesty.

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Cynthia C. said...

You fared beeter than me. Max and I fell on our asses going into music class.