Friday, February 13, 2009


So today I engaged in a bit of recon. I set out to visit the Hospital where mom is going to have her treatment next week. I had the google map, the map provided by the hospital and the directions. I drove my route, timed it, parked in a garage and set out to walk the course and check the place out.

We will be at the James - on the OSU Campus. I avoid campus like the plague. I did not go to school there and frankly it is a scary place to be in your car by my estimation. But Mom has to be at the hospital both times way way early in the morning and she is seriously exhausted being hypo thyroid and all. I thought it better to have a solid game plan and so recon today seemed a good idea.

I wanted to know what I was going up against and make sure that we were not lost wandering around campus in the dark on Monday morning!

I am so glad I did. The maps - kinda inaccurate. The place I parked - way far away from where we needed to be. So I asked for some assistance, and got some really good answers and I have a plan for Monday... I revised my map and I now know exactly what I am going to be doing. Valet parking is the key and I plan to go that route. If not I have scoped out a back up parking garage.

After the recon mission - I had coffee and lunch with a friend :) Who works nearly on top of the hospital.

So hopefully now, the entire process will go smoothly - at least the getting there part!

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