Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cancer Live - Again!

So this morning it was a repeat of Monday. Up at 5 am to my mom's around 6:30 am and on road. Parking at the valet and then to admitting. That process went smooth as could be and then we waited and watched The Early Show. Eventually her room was ready. It is all decked out in Hazmat Plastic. The room itself is lead lined to keep the radiation in and everyone else protected.

I mean everything is covered in plastic. Even the shower and the toilet.

We waited and then a PCA and nurse came and went. We had a visit from the Radiation Protection Officer and then eventually they came and took us to the area where they would conduct her full body scan.

I waited until they took her back and now I am out. I cannot see her for at least a week. After the scan she will go back to the room and then she will have to drink a to be determined amount of radioactive iodine based on the scan today. (and some other factors I think.)

Then she sleeps and waits until she is less hot and can go home. To be in isolation there.

I plan to call and check on her tonight - but if it is anything like last time (2003) she will like be asleep until they send her home.

I have been updating my facebook with my comings and goings and PDA - our friend in Germany commented today that his parents would be at the James today at noon - and sure enough as I walked out to my car - I saw them. Small world.

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