Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cooking on the edge!

Well perhaps I have discovered a new calling! Perhaps I could go into special dietary needs catering. Mom says everything tastes good and that her co workers have all said everything smells great!

She has eaten a fair amount of what I made, so I am going for round 3 tomorrow - to see her thru the next week.

The 16th - her 61st B-day is her prelim appointment and then on the 18th she will be in patient getting the big dose of Radioactive Iodine!

Right now she is exhausted - having been off her meds for 10 days and having absolutely no thyroid hormone at all. Just exhausted and cold...

So we are going for more mini meatloaves and more lemon chicken! And some more applesauce muffins!

Also this week, I plan to do a trial run driving to the James to scout parking - since we have to arrive at the crack of dawn both days....

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