Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I think I love Norton...

We all know my lap top melted down before Christmas and I was lucky enough to get a new one from Santa Claus. I love my new laptop. We had to get to know each other and the keyboard is different from the Dell, so my typing was off a tad for a while, but I am smooth sailing now.

The HP came loaded with some great software and I bought some great software also.

Norton was preloaded and frankly I really like it... way better than the freaky Spysweeper stuff that the Dell came with! So I renewed. I followed the links and I paid my money and then hit a huge road block.

I was struggling to get it to download. After a frustrating 6 tries, I finally opted for LIVE CHAT! WOW! Not only was the person helpful, he was able to log onto my machine and was able to unload the old version of the product and then download the good stuff. Showed me how to trouble shoot the auto updates and Windows VISTA firewall and was so pleasant!

It felt kinda funny having someone log onto my machine - but frankly I was out of options and the old stuff had expired - given that I had given myself a few days to figure it all out and well that did not work out so well.

But I think it was a great example of super customer service. He was helpful and thoughtful and through...

I not only like the features of the Norton 360 - I very much thought the customer service was good. I also thought their help menus are well written - I just am not that computer savvy to make it happen!

Go Norton!

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