Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 10 Anything I want

We are gearing up for a very busy weekend. I was thinking about what I could photograph today. More pictures of my volunteer squash, gourds and pumpkins? Maybe something else still blooming in the yarden.

I had thought about trying to sneak a picture of my mom today. She and I had planned to run some errands. She hates having her picture taken.

Long story short, I got back from walking the kids to school and took care of some tidying and jumped in the car. Nada! Nothing. Wouldn't start more correctly it wouldn't turn over, there was power - cuz the radio came on.  So I called my mom and she drove over. She isn't driving much these days and the drive over was taxing, so we were relaxing in the morning room, because I still don't have new family room furniture, when I looked out the window and saw this.

All this chaos this morning and here, sunning his wings on my deck is a beautiful butterfly.

I had to wait a bit, to catch him with his wings open. Even through the window, we can see how pretty he is. To think he is migrating south. Such a long distance those beautifully fragile wing are about to fly.

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