Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday AC/DC - Highway to Hell (bonus track - Muppets, Movin' Right Along)

My weekend was busy. Friday was the beginning of some fantastic running around in circles. On paper anyway. Friday morning I go out to my car and um, well, nothing doing. Just this clicking noise.

Thankfully, my mom was feeling up to a short drive and drove over in her car to my house. We hung out and then took the long way back to her house in her car.

H was out of town, so after a few voice-mails, we connected and decided I should try to jump the car.

Right, me, I should jump the car. Now I am not unable to do these tasks and I have jumped a car, years ago and I should also mention my current car is the first automatic I have driven. When one has a manual transmission, these issues are easier to deal with, I would have rolled down the driveway and bam - I would be off to the races.

So I did what I normally do - I did some research. I have long maintained that there is nothing you can't find on You Tube. I have learned to make a french seam, give myself weekly sub Q injections, make a Gnatt Chart, can and now jump a car, all by watching a variety of You Tube videos.

Then I googled, hoping for a nice blog post. Sometimes I do well watching how-to videos and sometimes it is more helpful to read through some well written instructions.

Lucky for me I found a decent blog post and then I went out to tackle the task.

First of all, the car is in the garage. I had to get it out of the garage. So I put her in neutral and pushed backwards gently. I also thankfully remembered to shut the door as we rolled back slowly, then less slowly and then I tapped the brakes as I eased us in to the grass.

Pulled my mom's car into position and followed the directions.

It didn't work.

I think the starter is kaput.

I was also done. I had already lost a huge chunk of my day to this process and I had other things to accomplish, during the precious hours the kids are in school. My mom was cool with me keeping her car for the weekend and I had exhausted my car maintenance skills.

On Friday afternoon, there is no point in rushing to a garage, no one can help, or it would have to wait until the next day. Plus I have no idea what is wrong and I know H will have some plan or idea what he wants to do. It can wait.

H called back and I told him what I was up to and that the car could stay where it was until he was back on Tuesday.

"The car is in the grass? You are going to leave the car in the grass for the whole weekend?"

Yes, yes I am. (And truly that is where the car sits as I type this.)

"H, grass is a weed, it will grow back. I am not worried."

Well H was worried.

"What will the neighbors think? I don't think they will be ok with this plan."

"Which neighbors Sweetie? The one who has the endless parade of bagsters in their driveway or the ones currently building an outdoor hockey rink in their back yard??"

Curiously he couldn't come back with much after this. This fact however did not stop him from trying!

Later in the day he calls back, he had a plan. I should enlisted my neighbors to help me push the car back into the garage.


Then it got really crazy.

"When the babysitter comes over, you should have him sit in your car, put it in neutral, and then you should pull your mom's car behind your car and push it into the garage."

Um, hell no.

So I replied, "Sweetie, the car stays in the grass until your ass is back in town."

So for now, I am happily on the road in my mom's car and I am confident, that in a day or so I will be once again, happily moving right along in my car.

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