Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 13 Photo Edit I Like

Unlike many of the folks in the challenge, I am not a photographer. I do not own a camera with changeable lens or one that requires film. Nor do I claim to have any photoshop skills whatsoever. None.

That said I do have an ascetic. I actually love photography as a medium. At the museum, I might well skip some classical painting in favor of some solid and artistic photography.

This is a squash/pumpkin blossom from my yarden. I just fired up the photoshop features on my new MacAir and played with it, until I liked it. Earlier to day I did the same on Instigram. I went with my photoshop picture.

I think, perhaps when the kids are older, I might well invest in a fancier camera and some photography classes. For now, I will stick with my digital point and shoot!

I love how the blue tone sets off the water and the edges and tips of the blossoms. (I must like blue, because for a time my Twitter Avatar was a picture of me with a blue wash to it. I had likewise manipulated the photo with photoshop to create an effect, which pleased me.)

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