Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 7 Silhouette

This one was hard. The kids wanted to help and they really want their pictures on my blog. In general, I am very careful about posting their pictures anywhere, I cannot control who sees it. Call me crazy or worse but that is how I roll.

My little people however are big hams. They love - LOVE - LOVE to have their pictures taken.  L routinely poses and E will sometimes coyly pose for snapshots.

I told them tonight before bed they had to help me with this. Finding a good spot, with the correct back lighting was challenging. This picture was their idea, I have a few others which are ok, but this one is the cutest and the tightest shot I got. They decided to link arms and make a "W" or a "M" or as E put it, pretend to be a spider, see, he explained, we have eight legs...

This is a time where I think I needed more time to plan and experiment and perhaps have another adult on hand to help with the staging of my photo, but on the other hand this challenge is about capturing the here and now and here today, right now, it is bed time and it is the little people, me and my iPhone.

I give you the Silhouette Spider.

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