Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 14 Focusing on eyes

(I took this picture using PhotoBooth on my MacAir - I did not photoshop this one at all...)

Today I have tired eyes and I took a rather long afternoon nap and now it is bed time, which is always a hectic time. I had thought about having H take some pictures of me, focusing on my eyes, but it didn't happen.

Then E reminded me I have a camera on my laptop. We took some photos of his eyes and then I decided to take some of my own.

H has dark brown eyes, as does my mother, and L and E. E's are the lightest of the brown eyes, with maybe a hint of hazel, which he gets from me. It is funny sometimes, my kids and H starring at me and it is spooky, the same brown eyes. My kiddos really do look like their father.

My eyes are well, colorful. Sometimes a grey blue, sometimes more greenish, sometimes hazel and sometimes an amazing variety of colors. They change with my mood.

Today my mood has been somber with a touch of sleepy.

I also like how this picture captures my nose ring. I love my nose ring. This picture also indicates that it is time for me to once again go have my eyebrows threaded.

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