Thursday, January 31, 2008

Me and my big mouth

So I was discussing politics the other night with a friend. In the primary I generally declare Democrat - not because I adore their platform or think they are particularly right all of the time - but I do it so I can vote against the Republicans.

I try to follow my heart and my brain and my conscience and I am a liberal and I am pro-choice. So with that in mind - I try to vote the best I can - given what I am given to pick from.

I do like McCain. He is a stand up guy. He served his country and survived being a POW. He is a maverick and he seems to say what is on his mind. He is the Joe Lieberman of the Republican party. (At least I thought so....) He might have had my vote, but he is Anti-Choice and I just cannot go there. That for me is a defining issue. See my previous post. Stay away from the womb with your rules and laws.

So on the Democrat side - I really liked Edwards. I liked him 4 years ago and I maintain that if it had been Edwards Kerry, the race would have turned out very differently. So I told my friend - I was voting for Edwards. He was for me and then WHAT THE HELL - the next day he dropped out. You have to be kidding me.... I am the kiss of death. I should just not say a word.

So now I have to regroup and decided between Clinton or Obama. Both are good candidates I think - but they lacked the drive and the Progressive energy that Edwards had.

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IHateToast said...

but his wife...

such an ugly campaign can't be healthy. she was a riot on npr's wait wait don't tell me. hope she's okay. hope people leave them alone.

can't even remember who kerry ran with.