Monday, July 16, 2007

70 days and counting

Ok, so I have been writing my finger off! I posted this on Alison Kent's blog for my weekly check in. (Think weigh in, if you will.)

"Wow, this contest is just what I needed. It has helped me with focus. I wrote a total of 10,910 words. (7910 for this novel & 3000 in a short story I have been working on…. : ) Thanks for the encouragement."

That was last night. I am ever so pleased. I have also noticed the following:

  1. I am writing faster
  2. I am less worried about mistakes, I am writing and writing until I hit my word goal and then I go back and fix the mistakes. It is making me flow better. I can focus on the story.
  3. I am just plain more focused. This is important. I have no lack of imagination, but sometimes I cannot see the forest for the trees. Having a word goal, helps me stay on task.
  4. I like knowing there are about 170 other people struggling to get their novels written as well. That is nice to know!
So I will update you again next week.

BTW - I wrote about 1600 words today.... so I am off to a good start for next weeks check in!

1 comment:

Angelle Trieste said...

I think it's awesome you're doing so well. :) I've had a couple of dry days when I couldn't write anything, but overall, the challenge really helped me focus. :)