Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hives really ought to just be for BEES...

But alas they are not. I broke out yesterday with a case of the hives after lunch. I am normally very good about what I am eating and today and the balance of yesterday I racked my brain, as to what I could have eaten that would have given me the hives and the acute headache.

I have no answer. I had eaten seared tuna, some homemade pickles (made by me....), some fruit and a wheat free cookie. Yeah..... so what oh what caused the scary food reaction????

Before we had isolated what was causing my mystery maladies, I had had an outbreak similar to yesterdays a few times before..... and this one was mild, it only lasted a few hours and by dinner time and our dinner party, I was right as rain. It is scary however..... for it to come out of nowhere like that. (I turned beat red all over, as if I had had too much sun. Get a hot feeling on my skin, followed by feeling really cold. Then as fast as it happened - it went away.)

At least H was home. It is most scary to have a reaction like that and be all alone. Not a good feeling. At all.

So now I am back to being super extra vigilant and calling my doctor....... because seriously, I check and double check and when in doubt - I do not eat!

Here's to fruits, veggies, brown rice and chicken. I guess I cannot go wrong with that menu alone!


IHateToast said...

that doesn't sound like fun at all. after all this time, have you figured it out? could be anything with hives. no fun.

you should get a tofu press and make your own. you could do it easy peasy!

Susan said...

You know - I am just not a big fan of Tofu. I want to be - really I do and sometimes at certain restaurants, there are Tofu dishes which I really like.

But chicken works. Beef works. Eggs rock.

Still not sure about the Hives. But now I am being super extra careful and now I am not touching anything with corn starch in it or corn syrup....