Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some days just suck!

Right. So alot has been made over the fact that today is 07-07-2007. Yeah, well for all I care those folks can take their lucky sevens and flush them.

E had me up last night in the middle of the night. He was hungry and cranky - because he opted not to eat his dinner nor his before bed snack. Then he refused to settle back down - so of course he had L up too! Great.

Then at 5:30 am L wakes me up to discuss why rain comes out of clouds. Like I know. Frankly I could care and certainly not at that hour. I got her back into her room, but the rest of my sleep was shot.

Then they both screamed thru breakfast. Finally I had them dressed and ready to head out. She went out to swing and E was playing with his toys. I went to brush my teeth and grab diapers.

In the 5 minutes I was not in the same room with E. He pushed a kitchen chair to the sink (H had the rugs in the wash) and proceeded to hose down the kitchen with the sink sprayer. Nice.

So I got that cleaned up - now off the the gym.

But alas no, my morning actually did get worse - prior to 9 am! (Is that allowed. I mean there should really be rules about this....)

As we left our driveway headed to the gym, one of them, while they both are screaming at the tops of their lungs, hullers something at me, I duck - in the process of ducking I swerve and take out our neighbors brand new mailbox. The box is toast and my car has some major issues....

My run at the gym sucked. I have been running 4 miles. I gutted out the 5K today - but had to walk the last 3/4 mile. Dammit!

The we made a pit stop by my pro bono job - only to find the stuff I wanted to work on AWOL and the kids kept screaming........ had an email which further rained on my parade.

Could it honestly get worse you say? YES!

So we all took naps( or at least rested) and had a snack and hit the mall for a gift. All without a problem. I thought I had turned a corner.

Then we get home, I gather dinner together. Only to have E dump black beans over his head. Nice.

And the grand topper for the day. I am drinking a glass of wine - which I so deserve. A bee lands it the full glass of wine while I am drinking it and I swallow the bee. I hope I am not allergic to digested bees!

So I am going to take a bath and then watch a DVD. I am done for the day and hoping that I:
a.) do not drown in the bath tub


b.) I do not blow up anything trying to use the DVD player. We have a rocky history. Furthermore the DVD had better actually work and not be damaged.

So I hope that all those 7-7-7 people had a better day than I did. Cuz this one was close to being the day from hell.


IHateToast said...

you poor thing.

will it make you feel better knowing it all happened on the 8th to those in australia? no? i didn't think so.

i think you have a story there. i know you like romance, but you could flesh that one out for a fun essay about luck.

Susan said...

I am thinking about it. It really was very odd, a "lucky" day being so unlucky.