Friday, July 20, 2007

Coffee & Eggs

I happen to like coffee. I also like tea. At one point in my life I liked tea more. Now I have to say, it depends on my mood. Typically we drink decaf in the morning at breakfast. (H to keep the blood pressure down and me, well I kicked caffeine while with child and decided not to go back.) H likes it with lots of cream and I do to. I would like to drink it black and I have to limited the cream. It is about the only time allow myself any dairy. I have tried the fake cream, but it is vile. So I go for the real think every few days.

The rest of the day I drink tea - either hot or iced.

Now that said, I can make tea no problem. But coffee, yeah I am terrible at brewing coffee. Every time I try it is a mess. I either use too much or not enough. H always makes the coffee and when he is not around I do without. I am not sure what it is. When I was working, they made a point of keeping me as far away from the coffee maker as possible.

The same thing with boiled eggs. With my eating plan, eggs are a great option. I can eat eggs. I, until recently, could not boil eggs to save my life. In fact this is a funny story. The first time I ever made boiled eggs, H and I were living together. I wanted to make Deviled Eggs and to do so, you have to start with boiled eggs, so I put a pot of water on to boil, once it was boiling, using a large spoon, I lowered the eggs in one by one. Ouch, the hot water splashes up and the eggs all cracked. I had egg white floating in the water everywhere. It was a mess. I was so upset.

H comes home and asked me what I was up to. I tearfully explained what I was trying to do and once he settled down and stopped laughing his ass off, he explained ever so sweetly that one starts the process with cool water and eggs in the same pot. Huh. I was so embarrassed.

Now that said, I have far from perfected this. I tend to boil them too long. H, well his are always perfect. Just right. Not even a hint of grayness. He does not even time them. Me I set the timer and hover around. Yeah, gray city!

So, the moral here. If you want coffee and a boiled egg, plan on coming round when H is in town - otherwise how about some herbal tea and an omelet.....


IHateToast said...

can't do tea. herbal, black, iced or hot. i can survive it if i have to at a person's house, but and over here they put milk in it. yeesh.

in black, not herbal.

i used to have egg issues until i got a little guy who looks like an egg and makes perfect eggs for me. much joy.

i stress about breaking fried ones. i like my yolks there and runny. once broken, my mood gets grey. watch out.

just learned how to poach. vinegar, you say? wow. and it works.

love eggs, but i'm not qualified to make restaurant quality. sigh. betty crocker would not be impressed.

Susan said...

Yeah, I do what I can with coffee and eggs, but it is way better to just hit the Greek diner up the road. Now those guys know what to do with eggs and coffee. Greek heaven :)

And no tea, wow I would not have guessed that. I love Earl Gray with cream and sugar.. Yummo!