Friday, July 27, 2007

Sven and I needed to talk....

So I am a bit late with Wednesday's check in post and early with Sundays, but that is just the way it is. I have to say that while the challenge has been very inspirational and helpful, that I am finding it very hard to keep up with it daily. Now I am not alone. So in that I am very grateful.

This week, I have managed 3000 or so and some revision. I have also blogged a bit and written in my journal alot. (And no "Sven" you cannot read my journal... I do have some private thoughts.)

So last night with the best of intentions I had planned to write some more and instead I ended up revising my outline and making some plot changes. (I can change my mind, I am the author of this story.) Then I was feeling really creative - actually a bit tipsy from the glass of wine - and I wrote a bit of poetry. Not bad, but not good.

So there you have it. If all goes well, I am planning to write about 1500 word today and another 3000 at some point over the weekend. If all goes well.

So on balance the week has been so-so. I am thinking again, that it is not so much what project I actually work on, but that I am writing everyday. Maybe the focus will come with time or maybe I will be one of those writers with many projects going at the same time. I have also noticed, that I sometimes I write better with a break. Like I have to give my story the chance to stew a bit. So having two stories might actually be good for me. Then switching back and forth. It might take a bit longer, but then having days where one stares at the screen is not exactly great for speed either.

Yeah, some writers are likes wok's - creative very fast and at high temperatures. While other authors are like slow cookers, low heat and a long time to stew. Oh, I hope I can end up somewhere in between.

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IHateToast said...

just write. doesn't matter where (journal, online, on your story), but as long as you are writing, you're a writer. if you get stuck, write out of it or write that other story. you're very disciplined. i have faith in you.