Friday, July 20, 2007

Not a word...

So I have been feeling all proud of myself, for writing and staying focused and keeping up with the 1500 words a day. I was a writing machine. Until yesterday. Yep! Not one word. Could not write a word on the novel I have in the works, not a word on the short story which I am very excited about. Not a word for this blog. (Heck I could not even manage the thank you notes I wanted to write.)

Now, lest you think I had somehow managed to bind and gag my "little voice" - I will debunk that myth right now. My little voice had a lot to say yesterday, only it chose to whisper. The words were floating around my head alright, but instead of staying in my consciousness, they would bump up against the back of my forehead and then go hide. I played hide and seek with the word fairy and my little voice all day and again for a bit in the evening. Then I decided it was a complete waste of time to stare at the computer, so I watched a movie instead.

Now today I am once again feeling the love, my "little voice" is ready to shout it out to anyone who will listen, so I am hoping to make some real progress and make up for the day I lost yesterday.

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