Saturday, July 21, 2007

Love maybe, money defiantly

I had to shake my head when I read this story.

It seems that P&G has paid to use the Beatles' song Love is all you Need in a LUVs diaper commercial. Emphasis on the word paid.

"Jester wouldn't say how much P&G paid to use the song, recorded by a studio group in New York. P&G boosted Luvs' marketing budget by 20 percent — dollar figures weren't released — for the multimedia campaign."

Notice the story says a studio group, so while P & G has paid to use the song - the Fab 5 will not actually be singing the song. P & G will be running a multimedia campaign so I am sure we will be seeing commercials and web based ads as well. The radio even.

So many fans are up in arms. Diapers? Who wants their favorite song associated with diapers? Well, mmmmm. (Would these same fans be surprised to know that Carters has a line of baby clothes - onesies included that feature some of John's artwork. So that is ok, but diapers not? Onesies cover diapers and believe me they are not immune form leaks.)

I might be mistaken and if I am I will offer a full apology in another post, but it seems to me that White Cloud Diapers (Walmart Brand - which I almost never use) also featured Lennon's artwork on the front Velcro strip.

I know I am missing the point, that the fans want the music to remain pure - and their point about the song being a serious one and part of the anti War movement is well taken. But the bottom line is - the Beatles and more correctly Paul and John (well his estate) can use these songs for any purpose they like. As much as certain songs define moments of our lives - the songs themselves - belong to who wrote them.

On the other hand - what is wrong with a commercial reminding us that all our children need is love. Seems to me that is a message missing from time to time.


IHateToast said...

didn't paul mcc lose out to michael jackson in a bidding war for the rights to the beatles' songs? most singers don't own those rights for a while. i also thought paul got them back, but i am not sure.

could be that the boys don't own the rights and wouldn't get paid for the song anyway. depressing.

Susan said...

You know that may be true, but I think for some reason, they might still own these.

I think it is funny -- so many people feel like certain things are special or off limits.

The slippery slop if you will....

HelenKay Dimon said...

Hi - This is off topic, but I saw your post at Alison's blog. I had the same sort of week. Got a bit off track. Felt those "is this the right story" doubts. We all get those. The point is to keep chugging along. That's what you're doing. Keep it up. Write what's in your head. You can revise the words later. Best wishes!

Susan said...


thanks for stopping by! and yeah, I am back to it, it is my story - I need to write it and not what I think others might want - that can come later.