Sunday, July 15, 2007

Living the life you were meant to live...

Ok so tomorrow is my birthday. I think alot of people use this time to celebrate a little or alot. I have always liked to celebrate my birthday. It is my special day! I also like to take stock of my life, do a little reflecting on things. Turning 25, as I recall was a tough one. I did not feel as if I was living up to my full potential at that point in my life. I was very torn then. I felt I had sold out and joined up with the corporate machine (I have mentioned my leftist leanings...... the roots are deep.) I just remember it being a hard one to swallow, that birthday. Otherwise I have marched along with the birthdays. Being very happy to be another year older and just a bit wiser.

Honestly the first couple of my 30s, flew by - having very little children will do that to you I think. This year I will be 34. I joke this is going to be my last one, but in all honesty - I am loving the woman I am today, so much more than my 24 year self. Motherhood has made me smarter, wiser, more patient and all around a better person I think.

I am as fit as I have every been. I am healthy and strong and so very happy. I have been reflecting on the roots of those feeling over the last few weeks. I am not going to share the reasons with you, other than to say I feel I am living the life I was meant to live.

I think we all have a purpose. We are all meant to do something. We are all meant to be certain people. Whether we realize that or not is largely up to us. If we are quiet, listen to our inner voice and embrace our call, then I think we will realize that purpose. If we do not listen, then I think we will fine less satisfaction and happiness in our lives than we had hoped for.

It is about making mistakes and being willing to learn from them. It is about trying new things and not thinking about possible failure but rather the possible gain. It is about being true to ourselves first and foremost, embracing our own personal truth - facing the painful ones and reveling in the wonderful ones.

It is about living an honest and authentic life.

So, instead of blowing out my candles and wishing for something for just myself, this year I am wishing that everyone will be still for a moment and embrace their personal truths, embrace their inner beauty and not be afraid to share it with others.


IHateToast said...

happy bidet!
34?! did you count right? are you that much younger than i? i thought you looked fabulous the last time i saw you. i imagine you're glowing even more so. now... my present to you is to let H get you some bunnies.

Susan said...

Thanks Oh Toasty one! I did count right... but then you are only as old as you feel right....

Actually I L is getting a hamster. Starting small and compact. I am not sure I am ready for more bunnies. Losing them was really hard.....

The sun is shining and I am feeling fine :)