Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Business of Government is... Part Duex

Well this is not what I had planned for number 2 - but I was reading over here today and decided to switch gears!


Ok I have said it time and again and I am saying it again now! My womb! Old men who will NEVER NEVER NEVER have to make a choice about how their body will change in a very fundamental manner and how their life will be forever changed - should SHUT THE (blank) UP!

Now I will say that I think a man should have some input - in certain cases but here is the deal - once a month my body sheds the the lining of my uterus and I feel funky and I am not at my best. I am crampy and grouchy and extra tired. I have been doing this since I was 15 years old. Nature, when I was created female - gave me the ability to bear children. I have a highly functioning brain and I KNOW what I can and cannot handle! I know how many children I can manage and I know when it is a good and safe time for me to bear them. I can make my own CHOICES.

No MAN in Washington DC or anywhere else can or should make this choice for me. My partner the other half of the fetuses DNA should - in certain circumstances have a some say - but the bottom line is the paternal half of the equation is free to leave at any time. At 6 months of gestation I am still in the game. Furthermore, unless one of the male candidates for President - Mr. Fetal Rights for example, can drop trou and prove to me that he has the same plumbing that I do - then I suggest he focus on some real issues - like the children who go to bed hungry every night in this country and get the HELL OUT OF MY WOMB!

As stated in the blog I linked to - no woman makes this choice lightly. I am blessed that I have always had access to birth control and have been able to make sure my babies were planned. I was mentally and physically in a good place to bear my children.

One of my greatest heartaches is for the baby I did not carry to term. I had no choice in that matter - that child was so very wanted - but it was not to be. It is hard to lose that connection and it is a connection in a very physical and emotional way. That said, in college, when I thought I might be pregnant - my choice was clear, I was ready to decide. I knew having a baby then would not be a good choice - I was spared making the Choice - I am not sure if I had miss counted, or my cycle was messed up because of stress or if I miscarried then as well. Bottom line - it was and is my CHOICE and I was prepared to make it. I knew in my heart it would have been a huge mistake to bring a child into the world - with me as its mother at that point in my life. I was barely able to take care of myself let alone someone else.

The fact still remains - it is my CHOICE. It is my plumbing. Really - what if a group of old women got together and said - well MEN can only ejaculate on odd numbered Fridays. What if MEN were told that they could only have surgery on certain days and too bad if it is not what you want. What if MEN were told that we were going to remove their testicles because they were not able to use them and decide about their use properly.

I am not making light of abortions - there are consequences - but those consequences are between the woman making HER CHOICE and her HIGHER POWER.

The converse is true for China. It is not the business of the Government of China to limit a woman's desire for more children and force her to abort additional children. It is just not a government issue.

My fertility is mine to control from the day I first start the monthly ritual until the day I end it. It is something that is a freedom, something deeply rooted in my femaleness, it is part of makes me a woman - it is part of my liberty and it can be part of my supreme happiness. But is it mine!

It is NOT nor should it be THE BUSINESS OF GOVERNMENT.


IHateToast said...

i had to make that choice at MU. no regrets. i never wonder about the gender or anything that the anti-choice groups try to make you think you'll do.
i wouldn't ever bring to life something i'd regret.

i'm very sure many anti-choice people's teen daughters have abortions. it's easy to be anti-choice at a dinner party. harder so when you're looking at gossip about your kid (gasp!).

Cynthia C. said...

I would never have an abortion and it is against my religion. But I would fight to the death that a woman should have the choice in this country to make her own decision. Pro-choice does not mean pro-murder. Some people just don't get it.

Susan said...

Rock On Ladies! It is about the control of the CHOICE. Or rather control of one's own body.

Cindy you are so right - Pro Choice is about choosing - it is about the right to CHOICE.

I wish more people would get that! If we lose the right to choose - we lose so very much!