Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well the Secret is....

A while back I was bemoaning the lack of selection and the totally unsuitableness of Victoria's Secrets bra collection. I was at their store in the Mall very near my house. It is smallish and I can see that perhaps it is not their best store.

So a week ago I was at their flagship store on the other side of town. Wow! There were pretty bras galore. Nice colors - cool styles. Someone has suggested that this is BECAUSE I was at the flagship store. Well ok - maybe. But as a point of market strategy - have they lost their minds. Now I know the inventory varies from store to store - but we are talking TOTALLY different planets here. Old lady girdle bras verse - Va Va Voom sexy Mama bras.

I am glad I decided to give them another shot. It is an addiction and I was disappointed that feeding it was going to get harder - not easier on the new me frame. That said when I am wrong, I admit it and I was half wrong in this case - Victoria does in fact still have sexy secrets - just not at the store in my neighborhood! If I were in the mood to flog someone - I would ask for the idiot that made that call to step on up here and go to town - but I will settle for my gentle retraction and rest assured Victoria - I will be driving over the flagship store to get my fix - until you can whip what-his name into shape - you know the bozo marketing guy who thinks the sexy mama's in my neighborhood are into old lady bras!


Cynthia C. said...

Haha - I could go into the analytics as to why it isn't good business to have every bra in every size in every store, aside from space, but it would be really boring. Anyway, the store you speak of isn't a store, it's an amusement park.

IHateToast said...

i've been googling "vintage lingerie" and having a ball. but always loved vintage. i'm threatening my hubby with getting an esther williams-style swimsuit. love them. why? because i love the look back then. if i can find a bullet bra (not an old lady of today, but a real one), i'm going to get it and a few boxes of kleenex.

there's a brand here called holes and a model of theirs called "ant proof". i don't get it. good undies, but why bring ants into it?