Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can eat Biscotti

I found these the other day and I am in heaven. I have mentioned the lack of crunch in the wheat-free cookie arena and I have also mentioned that thanks to the 1/2 marathon I cannot even look at my favorite wheat-free chocolate chip cookies any longer.

I also have trouble now with things which taste too sweet. Since I consume nothing with Corn Syrup in it - I have lost the taste for really sweet things all together. Most commercial sweets taste sickeningly sweet to me. It is too much. This includes milk chocolate. Too sweet.

I bought the other day - Chocolate Walnut Biscotti by Pamela's. I have tried their baking mix and it is what I use to make wheat-free Belgium waffles (which by the way - you would not know were wheat-free unless I told you so - I have tested them out on other people and they agree!)

The biscotti is great. Good crunch, great chocolate flavor - kinda light on walnuts - but they are wonderful and not too sweet - just the right hint of sweetness. They go great with tea and coffee and frankly they are now another choice for me for breakfast, with a boiled egg and some fruit, I would be in great shape. Breakfast is a tough meal when you cannot eat wheat, corn, oats & rye - trust me.


IHateToast said...

i, too, lost the taste for milk chocolate. there is no chocolate tast and it's just sweet. i'm training myself to the 80% cocoa. ooooh nice.

can i assume you also avoid those waxy candies from halloween? the pipes and teeth? ew. what were they thinking?

Susan said...

Corn Syrup is in everything.... so not waxy teeth. I also cannot eat gummies that are made here.... the ones in Germany are made with glucose syrup so I am all set- but here it is corn syrup :(

But yeah - sweet stuff is falling by the way side - I just cannot take it.