Saturday, January 5, 2008

My relationship with Pizza

Cindy C is the winner of my little contest. She wanted to know about my relationship with Pizza.

Well we have broken up - sad to say. I choose not to eat pizza. My friend SS says I should wear a t-shirt that says - "Pizza could kill me." With the wheat and cheese - it might not kill me but it could make feel pretty darn sick.

Before I embraced all my food issues - I ate pizza. H and I would enjoy pizza night. We generally ordered from Donatos.

We would get the veggie, Founder's favorite or the Mexican pizza alot. Always thin crust. I do not remember feeling especially sick after eating pizza - but I do remember sometimes feeling ugh! and thinking it was the grease.

In college with my roommate P - we ordered Papa Johns alot. Always with mushrooms and cheese. They cut their pizza in slices - pie shaped. He liked it that way.

I have eaten a slice in NYC and it is heaven. It always tastes unique and they have creative toppings. I was never all that into Chicago style pizza or deep dish pizzas.

There was also a time that H made alot of pizza from scratch at home. He would make the crust and roll it out. It was always very good. My MIL made what she called a parsley pizza. She would make the dough herself and then made a mixture of sour cream and fresh chopped parsley. It was very good also. I made it once or twice.

For awhile I missed pizza - it is quick and easy and the kids love it. But now I look at pizza and feel sick to my stomach. It is too much of stuff guarantee to give me trouble.

The odd thing is I have never been all that into pasta. We have never eaten alot that of pasta. I never made pasta much. I also never ordered pasta out. Pasta always left me with an upset stomach - go figure it is all wheat - but then why not pizza?

That is a question that will just have to remain unanswered - pizza and I have called it quits - I will not eat it and it will not call to me - or hint at how yummy it is. H rarely orders it while I am around - feeling badly that I cannot eat it any longer - but really it is ok. I will enjoy my soy cream cheese with some veggie or lox on a rice cake and he can have is pizza - because at the end of day I feel great!


IHateToast said...

a few years after i left iMaim, i drove through on the way to a wedding. i remembered bruno's. i think i did. was that even the name? you know what one i'm talking about. we ordered it in our room (stopped in ox) and i about had a heart attack from the salt in the crust. ooooh, no wonder people drank so much. it was a bready salt lick.

Susan said...

Bready salt licks - I love it Toasty! Yep it was Bruno's and sadly it is gone I hear. I never ate that stuff much - perhaps I was never drunk enough.... nah I doubt that!

Cynthia C. said...

You know, they make wheat-free pasta. We're Italian, pasta no less than once a week.

J. said...

But the best pizza ever will always be that which we ate the eve of your wedding day for your "rehearsal dinner"!

Susan said...


That was one of the best dinners ever and I am so happy that we could share that moment.