Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Somethings just REMAIN as they SHOULD be....

This is Tigger! He is my favorite friend from Winnie-the-Pooh. He is fun and bouncy and frankly as dense as I am from time to time. Our friends A & D came over last night and D told me and H and A backed him up that Tigger was killed off by killer bees and is dead. Disney wrote him out of the books. I was appalled - you just cannot kill Tigger!
Seriously - it is just not done - it is traumatic to soulful, thoughtful writers like myself. Some things in life just SHOULD not happen. My friend S told me this fall that they were going to kill Bert on Sesame Street to teach kids about dying - I was horrified then too!

I am 100% opposed to anyone hurting any of these creatures.

Now today - I do think, I believe my friends were just playing with me - because I am just that easy. I am a bit dense and gullible I guess. I do like living in my own mind-- it is a safe, warm-- albeit wacky place. Those of you that know me and know me well, you know I am confident and capable and totally grounded in reality most of the time - key word - MOST. A part of me remains firmly rooted in the world in my head - a place full of wacky ideas, weird rhyming sentences, warm safe clouds, storybook characters and a nonstop story wheel.

I did a little bit of research this afternoon and I have found that Bert is not dead. He is still living with Ernie - maybe wishing he were dead - but alive nonetheless and frankly Tigger appears to be fine also. I did find reference to this 1997 film where Pooh and his pals have an adventure - but it appears that no one was actually hurt in the making of the film!

So I am going to continue on my path believing that all is right on Sesame Street and that everyone in the 100 acre Woods is just fine - happy and somewhat well adjusted.

So things it seems - contrary to the reports made by H, A, D & S - all REMAINS just as it SHOULD in my world. Whew, I was really worried.

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IHateToast said...

i remember being upset as an adult that sesame street make snuffleuppagus real because kids were confused that kids saw the imaginary friend but no one on the show other that big bird did. my lily white rear end. ADULTS were confused. kids get it. kids got it.

that's why jackie paper came no more. he became a putzy adult.