Saturday, January 26, 2008

If you give Susan a muffin....

it cannot be made with wheat, rye, corn or oat flour. So right, eating muffins is a little bit problematic for me.

This week however we ended up with a bunch of over ripe bananas. I love banana nut muffins and well I thought I might try something new. Soy Four! Now I have made brownies with soy flour and they were great - but the chocolate masks the soy taste.

So that theory got me thinking, bananas are a fairly strong flavor and I always add chocolate chips to my banana muffins. Think Chunky Monkey. So the combo, I reasoned would hide any strong hint of soy!

Well I am happy to report that they turned out just fine. A bit denser than regular wheat muffins and they are slightly a more yellow color. (Soy flour is yellowish.)

They also need less time to bake - so they are just this side of overdone - but I would try this trick again and everyone seems to like them.


IHateToast said...

i love that book.

have you thought about getting a tofu press? you can really do it all on your own. it's not flour, but i was just going on a soya tangent.

Susan said...

MMMM - sounds tempting - but I think I may pass - I imagine no one but me would be interested in eating it... Soy hidden in muffins or as milk I can sell - cakes of soy - not so much... but I am going to try out a cake next and see what happens!