Friday, January 25, 2008

Susan Techie

Can I just say I am on techie binge. Please understand I am not a computer person per se! They make nuts sometimes - but I am learning. I recently bought a Dell Lap top and I am getting along with it smashingly! I do not understand all of its weirdness - but we have reached an agreement of sorts and we have promised to work out our differences.

I have redesigned my Blog and love it - I even added widgets or gadgets or whatever. I can kinda sorta tinker with HTML - I made my pet Moji - say my name instead of my email address. Please note - in my previous post I embedded a YouTube clip (go me!)

Recently, I worked to set up a new computer at my pro bono job - and i PING'd the printer. We switched from static IP addressing to something else. (I am not high and tight on my techie speak yet... but it is coming!)

I also fixed my invisible counter - so that I am excluded from the count. See I thought there were alot more readers - well know - I was just there alot the other day! Yikes!

This past week I bought an Ipod. The tiny little Shuffle! I love it! I got the purple one - I am a girly girl after all! It is the size of a hair barrette. I can easily deal with it while I run. I had been using my cell phone - which is bulky and was not the best option.

I know I need to embrace the technology around me and the fact is I can do it - I have just not been willing to do so until now. Maybe it is a function of having more time and maybe it now I need to. I need to be able to function and market myself in the virtual world. A world where my clients do not know me - they now me via email and chat. They do not meet me for coffee - we met online.

In any event - I am a techno girl and I am hip to the 21st Century - now if I could jut figure out where is my abacus and my pencil?


IHateToast said...

yeah, some tech stuff i love. some i don't get. i have a frog i attach my ipod to and it wakes me up. cool.

now, be sure you run with the sound down to where you can hear footie steps (yours).

what do you run to?

Cynthia C. said...

Welcome with open arms, Susan. Nothing I love more than the Blackberry.