Friday, January 9, 2009

Hang 10

Ten years ago today - a Saturday - I was dressed in jeans and H's flannel shirt, my chin length light blond/brown hair in hot rollers - H's boots on - and I was.... shoveling the driveway! It was my wedding day. We had had a winter storm like none other. We had canceled the rehearsal and had pizza with our friends in the living room of our tiny house. Now I was shoveling so we could get out of the drive and make our way to the church.

J and her husband. H's mom had come from Cleveland with J and her husband.S in from Maine. In on the last flight into CMH I think. A few other friends at our house for the rehearsal. My mom and bro stayed safe and warm on the other side of town. No need to risk the 30 minute drive in the ice and snow. JS called, she and her husband were stuck in Maryland, the interstate was closed.

So there I was, shoveling the drive way. Having lived with H for well over 2 years at this point, bought a house and car together, I decided to get traditional and make him sleep in a hotel and not see me until I walked down the eile all dressed in white.

When H gave me the ruby circled in diamonds, he promised me a life of adventure. He promised to love me and walk beside me. And here we are 10 years later. So much has changed. And here we are - together...

We have had two babies and lost one. We have added friends to our circle, kept many and some have drifted off - no longer in close contact but never far from our thoughts. We have traveled near and far. We have each changed careers. Both living our passion and pursuing our dreams.

Sadly we have buried his mother. We stood by her in her struggle and gave her what she wanted. She wanted to be in her own bed when she passed onto the other side and we did that for her as a team.

We have been at a crossroads and to the edge a few times. But each time we have grabbed the others hand and made the choice to change course together - it has been an adventure. No day like the day before.

We have both grown up and changed and struggled.

It is hard to believe that the sweet goofy guy, who was knocking on my dorm door freshman year, to see my roommate is now the man I kiss good-bye as he leaves to fly a multi million dollar airliner and I am sure he never imagined that the shy and bookish girl who answered the door and politely told him her roommate was not in, would be the woman who is writing professionally now and dreaming of one day seeing her book in Barnes and Noble. Who is presiding over the house.

I am sure he would tell that he anticipated my scary food issues. Afterall I am the woman, who when we met and ate together in the dinning hall, who ate only things out of bowls. I will never forget the day he asked me in all seriousness, "Do you ever eat anything off a plate?"

It has been an adventure. It is an adventure. I hope it remains forever an adventure.

We got married the day after a HUGE snow storm. The snow plows where plowing the run ways at our wedding reception - I have pictures. But as with any storm, the sun rises again and there is true beauty to be beheld. (We are going away together this weekend and yep you guest it - forecast - Wintery mix with possibility for 3 to 5 inches of snow...)

Nothing could be more true. We have had hard times. The edge can be scary, but each time we have turned to each other and smiled and there is the sunny day. Sometimes our storms have been fiercy but then the sunny day comes with its brightness and there is peace and tranquility and great beauty.

I will not even presume to predict what the next years hold... other than to say that it will be an adventure - just like he promised.


carolynn said...

Happy Anniversary! May the next 40 be even better.

Susan said...

Thanks Carolynn! Our weekend away was great and I too think the years to come will be as full and wonderful as those past!

IHateToast said...

happy anniversary!