Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I am a day late. It has been a busy holiday season. Today I am spending my day organizing my office and working on my business accounting and taxes. The joys of being a small business.

2008 and has been a big year. A lot has happened for me both personally and professionally. I am hopeful that 2009 will bring much of the same.

I have made some tough decisions this year and I have grown so much as a woman. I have written a ton. I cannot believe the sheer amount of words I can write. I know my posting in this space has tapered off and that is both because I have been focusing my time on other writing ventures, posting elsewhere and focus on my short stories and novels. It is not that I have a lack of things to say - merely other venues to say them in.

I toyed with shutting the blog down. Perhaps it has served its purpose. It was my space to speak my mind, explore various ideas and share events of my life and make observations.

But that choice does not seem good either. I still have things to say, just perhaps less time to say them. So I am going to commit to another year on the Edge. I have thought about a posting schedule but I am just going to let it flow in an organic way. I will write when the mood strikes me and when I think I have something of value to share.

I feel very convicted that 2009 is going to bring good things. I am feeling very positive indeed.

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