Monday, January 26, 2009

My little letter to President Obama

What is going to be done to ensure that those firms on Wall Street- who have accepted tax dollars spend them wisely and not foolishly as Merrill Lynch did in the days prior to the merger with Bank of America. When Americans are losing their jobs by the thousands - it is unconscionable that John Thain spent $1.2 million on office furniture. Corporate executive entitlement must end - I think before Americans will once again trust our financial system. It is a shame if not criminal their conduct.

I sent this via the website. I was limited to 500 characters - so I think I will be drafting a letter in long form and mail it the old fashioned way.

I really feel like this an issue that must be resolved and resolved before the economy will actually get better. These bubbles that burst are fueled by Greed pure and simple. Greed, which breeds lack of judgment and an abject lack of integrity...

I still say they all need their knuckles rapped, their butts paddled and then they need to stand in the snow on line at the local soup kitchen for a week or so. A lesson in humility is in order.

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