Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's buy HIM a hot seat

I worked at Merrill Lynch from the spring of 1996 to the early summer of 2004. I have been a shareholder since 1996. My stock (now Bank of America) is worth shit and I am so angry about this news story on top of all the other crap that has gone on at ML - I could spit.

But I think a better idea - give me 10 bucks and a folding chair... I will give John Thain the hot seat of his life... - which is exactly what he deserved. NO ONE - needs an office outfitted in over $1.2 Million worth of office furniture. I am sure they had extra office furniture in the building and frankly - while my stock is in the toilet I think he can use a folding chair and a card table from COSTCO! Better yet I think he could have taken a spare seat in the men's room - seeing as that is where my stock is.

The unbelievable gaul and sense of entitlement is appalling....

Read here & watch here....

While I am at it I would like to go after the Board of Directors - who clearly have their collective heads up their asses. I have something for that too....

Next in line every single senator and house member who voted to give these people all of my tax dollars. They need to take it like men, downsize like the rest of us and try waiting in line at the soup kitchen. They need a lesson in collective humility and they need to learn the hard way what it feels like when the world shits on you for fun... which is what they have built their careers doing to the general public.

I used to say tarring and feather and now I think we need to drag out some retired Nuns and have these self centered, self absorbed and Greedy rat bastards drop TROU!

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