Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let them eat fruits and veggies...

Yeah that and meat and basmati rice. I cannot eat about 90% of the food found in the grocery store. People ask me what I like to eat... well frankly there is so little for me to pick from I like almost all of it. Beets and Turnips I refuse to eat. Ugh! I am also not a fan of potatoes so much. Certainly not baked or mashed or boiled. Roasted I can handle and damn I love me some French Fries.

But today I found - well an even more restrictive and complicated set of dietary restrictions. My mother prior to her big mega does of Radioactive Iodine, has to go on a Low-Iodine Diet. Everything except for salt free herbs and spices, fresh (no frozen) meats, fresh fruit and veggies. Some grains and unsalted unroasted nuts. No baked goods - but you can make your own bread if you are so motivated - but can only use certain yeasts and no salt and only certain additives.

Ok this is a nightmare for the obvious reasons but also for the following!

A) Mom has to go off her med - her thyroid hormone replacement med. She will be a walking zombie! No energy. She also has to somehow work because she does not have that much time and she needs to conserve it for the Chemo portion of this fun odyssey. Couple that with the fact that my mother has next to no appetite at all.

B) My mom is a huge fan at this point in her life frozen meals. She comes home from work and nukes and then is done.

So today my bro and I divided up the tasks and he is going to do the every other day salad and fresh veggie prep! It is only a little over 2 weeks that she has to go this route! I am going to make her a series of "frozen dinners" which she can nuke when she gets home and that she can take to work with her. Also with dairy and eggs totally out - she is short short short of breakfast ideas - so I am going to make some great morning muffins for her.

The recipes which came in her packet are easy and seem like they would taste good.

I mean I am good at reading labels - but this diet almost seems impossible. I swear with this endeavor and my normal hyper vigilant food label inspections - I am so going to need reading glasses.

But this is her last shot at Radioactive Iodine Treatment - with this she will be at her lifetime exposure mark and we all want this to be as successful as possible. The better this works - the better chance we have for the Chemo to do something meaningful...

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