Saturday, January 3, 2009


E says to me a few days ago, whilst tugging on his drapes - "Will you help me open my carpets?" I laugh and tell him they are called curtains.

Today we are getting ready to head out and he is once again tugging on the curtains - "Will you help me open my covers?" I laugh and remind him they are called curtains.

Tonight - as we are were getting ready for bed, he asked me to "close his rugs...." I reminded him once again they are curtains.

But this reminds me about hard it is to learn a language. Which he is doing everyday. I am now correcting his verb tense and helping him learn the exceptions to the rules. Like it is make - made and not make, maked. He is applying patterns and English is not a language of patterns. So many exceptions to the rules.

The language acquisition process has always fascinated me. It has since I learned German. As an adult - you have to memorize and cram and practice. As a child you just soak it up like a sponge.

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