Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok, so I have been writing but not in my novel for a long time. I am resolved to finish my work in progress. Or at least have a workable 1st draft by March 15. I think I can do it. I am about a third of the way into it and it is flowing and taking shape...

So my plan is to have a draft done March 15th.

I will take a page from Nadia Lee and list my progress here weekly on Fridays and reflect on how I am progressing. This is going to be a huge goal, given I am in MBA school - but the freelance stuff has tapered off and I am going to try and capitalize on the down time. We shall see.

Example of the table I will use...

word count page count
previously written 0
newly written


other projects

I edited a touch tonight and did write but did not do a count. I will start the count when I write again. I know I should set aside time everyday for this project but I cannot. My days vary and every time I have done that - picked a certain day or days, it does not work for me. I end up stuck or frustrated. So I will write when I have the time and while I will make the time, I am not going to get all mired in the exact when. If I wake up early, I will write. I image this will be a Sunday morning project and on Tuesday and Thrusdays - my work days. I will devote an hour or so.

The idea is to getit done and not send me into a full on case of stress induced writers block.

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