Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A smile... Priceless

I think I have been clear that I tend to shop at Whole Foods. I trust them. If it is in their store, they know about the item and the ingredients are clearly labeled. All good. Also as a point of truth and full disclosure - I am also a shareholder... not a major one, but I wanted to be clear...


I know everyone calls it Whole Paycheck and the bit. Some of the stuff is more expensive than Kroger and Giant Eagle and so forth. I get that. I will also submit, when you compare products apples to apples Whole Foods is actually cheaper. My Fav Nut Thins - yep, cheaper at Whole Foods. High quality produce - all Grade A and above. No model or tiny tiny organic produce at three times the price. Heck the produce is super fresh and not suspect like it is at other groceries.

So today - today I was shopping at Whole Foods with E. We had a fair amount to get today. And maybe it is because I am in freaky human resources MBA mode or maybe I was just more aware of my surroundings today. But I made a startling discovery.


Wow! In what store does that happen? Last week when I ran into Kroger I had to practically beg someone to help me and that person was not busy, just not real interested in doing anything it would seem.

To me this is an example of good management practices at work. People like working there. I know WFs is committed to paying a living wage and I know the employees have a good benefits package! It showed today.

But still I was surprised and delighted to see it in action. I wrote them a comment to that effect! I am often the critic - but I can also be quick to praise what I see going right.

If this was not enough... as I was leaving a young Amish couple was walking in. They had brought their eggs in. They supply some of the locally produced free range eggs.

They looked happy too. They have a market for their product. (Which I bought today! They are rockin eggs.) They have a venue to sell their products and make a living wage also. They are part of the American agricultural landscape and they are doing it the right way - earth focused and humane.

Another example of good management. Supporting the local community in a variety of ways. Worth a few extra pennies in my book. So I guess I could get surly service or no service, highly processed and so not me friendly foods, quasi labeled prepared foods, and factory farm eggs alittle bit cheaper somewhere else.

But Why?

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